Cal State Fullerton gets slimed

Dr. Fudge will be giving a research seminar at Cal State Fullerton on October 19 at 4 pm. The title of his talk is Hagfish Slime Unraveled.

New Comparative Biomechanics Course at Chapman

Dr. Fudge will be a teaching a new biomechanics course in the spring semester at Chapman called Life’s Physical World: from Molecules to Mammoths. This course will explore how organisms interact with their physical environment and the principles that govern...

Fudge moves to Chapman University

In August 2016, Dr. Fudge moved his lab from the University of Guelph to Chapman University. His research will continue to focus on hagfishes and hagfish slime, as well as other biomaterials and biomechanical phenomena. He will not be taking graduate students, but is...
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