Fun Stuff

We take our hagfish and slime research seriously, but not too seriously. Shannon Ferraro (left) and Sarah Schorno (right) showed up for work on Halloween dressed as the two cellular components of hagfish slime, mucus (Shannon) and threads (Sarah). Scroll down for other wacky, creative, and downright geeky stuff.

Julia Herr’s mom made her a hagfish cake (complete with knotted hagfish) to celebrate her successful thesis defense.

M.Sc. student Sarah Schorno recently celebrated her birthday in similar style, with this fabulous cake commissioned by her parents (and made by Guelph company I’m told it was red velvet and tasted a lot better than it looked. I think it is fair to say that our website is now the epicenter for all searches containing the words “hagfish” and “cake.”

We are not the only ones inspired by hagfish. Derek Tan made this amazing hagfish-themed Star Wars movie poster.

And then followed it with this one.

For the final project of her 4th year photography  course, undergraduate Sharlene Laros spent some time in the Fudge Lab taking photographs of histological slides of baleen cross-sections using light microscopy. To the left is Sharlene exhibiting her photo-transparency light boxes.










And some closeups of Sharlene’s work.