Fudge Lab Members

Douglas Fudge

Dr. Fudge runs the Comparative Biomaterials Lab at Chapman University. As an undergraduate, he studied biology at Cornell University, followed by an M.A.T. in science education, also at Cornell. For his M.Sc. research, he worked on the biology of bluefin tuna at the University of Guelph, and then moved to the University of British Columbia for his Ph.D., where he worked on the biomechanics of hagfish slime in John Gosline’s lab. As an NSERC postdoctoral fellow, he worked on cell biomechanics in Wayne Vogl’s lab in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He joined the faculty in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph in 2005, where he worked until 2016.

Sarah Schorno

Sarah Schorno is a PhD candidate at the University of Guelph
Her graduate work is focused on examining the dynamics of hagfish slime thread production and assembly in the gland thread cell (GTC).

List of publications:

Icardo, J.M., Colvee, E., Schorno, S.*, Lauriano, E.R., Fudge, D.S., Glover, C.N., and Zaccone, G. (2015). Morphological analysis of the hagfish heart. I. The ventricle, the arterial connection and the ventral aorta. Journal of Morphology.

Newman, A.E.M., Edmunds, N., Ferraro, S., Heffell, Q., Merrit, G.M., Pakkala, J.J., Schilling, C., and Schorno, S.* (2015). Using ecology to inform physiology studies: implications of high population density in the laboratory. American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. ajpregu-00328.

Fudge, D.S., Schorno, S.*, and Ferraro, S. (2014). Physiology, biomechanics and biomimetics of hagfish slime. Annual Review of Biochemistry. annurev-biochem-060614-034048.

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