Comparative Biomaterials Lab

Comparative Biomaterials Lab

Comparative Biomaterials Lab

Welcome to the Comparative Biomaterials Lab at Chapman University led by Dr. Douglas Fudge. We study a wide range of materials made by animals, including nano-scale filaments within cells, slimes secreted to ward off predators, and large structures like the keratinous plates of baleen whales.

We are also committed to applying what we learn from the study of biomaterials to real-life challenges, such as how we can make high performance materials for industry that are more eco-friendly in their manufacture and disposal. Animals make outstanding materials for a wide variety of functions without the benefit of petroleum and without fouling their environment, and we believe that humans could do the same if we listen to the lessons biology has to teach. You can learn more about Biomimcry and the process of Bio-Inspired Design from the Biomimicry 3.8 website.

To explore current research in the Comparative Biomaterials Lab, click on the links below and check out our Publications.

Fudge Lab News

Opportunity for postdocs!

Schmid College at Chapman University has just announced the details of its new Grand Challenges Initiative, which includes funding for 4 postdoctoral fellows. If you are looking for a postdoc position, and are interested in the biomechanics and biomaterials research...

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