Collaborators and related research



Adam Summers Lab at the University of Washington

Bob Full’s Lab at UC Berkeley

Sheila Patek’s Lab at Duke University

George Lauder’s Lab at Harvard

Sanjay Kumar’s Lab at UC Berkeley

Mark Denny’s Lab at Stanford

Center for Biologically Inspired Designs (CBID), Georgia Institute of Technology

Cheryl Hayashi’s Lab at UC Riverside

Tom Daniel’s Lab at the University of Washington

Michael Dickinson’s Lab at Caltech

Herb Waite’s Lab at UC Santa Barbara

Evolutionary Biomaterials Group at Max-Planck-Institut fur Metalforschung

Gareth McKinley’s Lab at MIT

Randy Ewoldt’s Lab at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Maikel Rheinstadter’s Lab at McMaster University

Amy Rowat’s Lab at UCLA

Francois Barthelat’s Lab at McGill University

Tim Higham’s Lab at UC Riverside

Catherine Loudon’s Lab at UC Irvine

Joanne McKittrick’s Lab at UC San Diego

Marc Meyers’ Lab at UC San Diego

Alon Gorodetsky’s Lab at UC Irvine