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Dr. Ashwaq Alanazi:  Graduation [May 2024]

Sheri Ohadi:  Farewell Pictures [Feb 2024]

Dr. Muhammad Imran Sajid:  Will continue his academic career at the University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan [Nov 2023]     [Pictures]

End of the Year Celebration [December 2022]

Dr. Mohieldin:  Has been appointed as a Faculty member at Pharmaceutical Sciences Department; College of Graduate Studies; California Northstate University [September 2022]

Research Hightlight:  Dr. Qamar Alshammari [June 2022]

Best Postdoctoral Oral Presentation:  Dr. Farideh Amirrad [May 2022]

Dr. Qamar and Saud Alshammari:  Graduation  [May 2022]

Dr. Farideh Amirrad:  Graduation  [May 2022]

Dr. Mohieldin: New Research at Chapman School of Pharmacy Could Aid Diagnosis and Treatment of Genetic Disorders [February 2022]

MRI:  Chapman University has invested in our research infrastructure [June 2021]

Dr. Atkinson:  Has joined the faculty of Touro University in Nevada as Assistant Director of Medical Health Sciences program since April [June 2021]

Research Highlight:  Dr. Sherpa [May 2021]

Dr. Muntean: Has joined the faculty of Medical College of Georgia since 2020 to lead an exciting research in motor neurons using cutting-edge imaging system [March 2021]

Dr. Kathem: Has been appointed to lead College of Pharmacy as Dean since 2019 [March 2021]

Dr. Jamal:  Has joined the faculty of Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, KSA [March 2021]

Research Highlight:  Drs. Rinzhin Sherpa and Kimberly Atkinson [September 2020]

News Release:  Dr. Ashraf Mohieldin [August 2020]

Research Highlight:  Dr. Ashraf Mohieldin [August 2020]

Congratulations to Dr. Maha Jamal:  for successfully defending her doctoral dissertation [June 2020]

Pictures:  New Year Celebration [January 2020]

Pictures:  Celebrating Dr. Sherpa’s success [October 2019]

Congratulations to Dr. Rinzhin T. Sherpa:  for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation [August 2019]

Best Fellow Poster Presentation: Dr. Rajasekharredy Pala [May 10, 2019]

Best Ph.D. Oral Presentation: Rinzhin T. Sherpa, Class of 2019 [May 10, 2019]

Research Highlight: Dr. Rajasekharredy Pala [May 8, 2019]

The cell’s antenna in International Innovation:  Drs. Kimberly F Atkinson and Sarmed H Kathem [December 2014]

[Example of motile cilia]