Surya Nauli




Surya did his graduate study in Pharmacology from Loma Linda Medical School.  After that, he completed his NIH fellowship at Harvard Medical School followed by his appointment as an Instructor in Medicine.  He then joined the University of Toledo and was promoted to tenured Associate Professor.  In 2014, Surya resumes his academia research and teaching at Chapman University School of Pharmacy.  Specific areas currently under investigation in his laboratory include (1) molecular, cellular and biophysical studies of primary cilia; (2) chemical screening for pharmacological candidates in vitro; and (3) development of a more efficient in vivo system to further characterize the cilia-targeting therapy in vascular and kidney diseases.  His research and clinical teams are currently completing a clinical study strategized for a targeted-therapy in hypertensive patients.


Research Interests

Surya’s laboratory has three main research areas.  In the Basic Science Research area, his laboratory has been studying the molecular and biophysical properties of mechanosensory and chemosensory primary cilia.  In the Translational Research area, the main focus is to understand the roles of primary cilia in pathological conditions, including aneurysm, hypertension and polycystic kidney disease.  Within the Clinical Research area, a major effort has been strategized to generate a cilia-specific therapy or ciliotherapy.  A novel clinical intervention within pharmacological therapy and experimental therapeutics is the main driving force in search for a more effective therapeutic outcome through the basic science and translational research.


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