Farideh Amirrad

Ph.D. candidate at Dr. Nauli lab

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chapman University

9501, Jeronimo Road, CA, 92618




 -Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chapman University- School of Pharmacy

-Doctor of Medicine

Medical University of Belgrade- Serbia


–  “Prostate field cancerization and exosomes: Association between CD9, early growth response 1 and fatty acid synthase”

– “Heterogeneity and Plasticity of Human Breast Cancer Cells in Response to Molecularly-Targeted Drugs”

– “Amphiphilic Peptides for Efficient siRNA Delivery”- “Kinetics of dextromethorphan-O-demethylase activity and distribution of CYP2D in four commonly-used subcellular fractions  of rat brain”

– “Alzheimer’s disease: Dawn of a new era?”

Research interests:

Evaluation of cardiac function in vivo and ex vivo by using isolated working heart method in the mouse model. Please see the video of my ex vivo evaluation of cardiac function in a mouse model.