Rinzhin T. Sherpa


           Graduate Research Assistant at Nauli Lab
           School of Pharmacy
           Chapman University
           9501 Jeronimo Road Irvine, CA 92618.                         image001


Email:  sherp101@mail.chapman.edu 

Aug, 2014 – Present          MSPS, School of Pharmacy, Chapman University
Aug, 2009 – May, 2013     B.A. in Molecular Biology, Coe College

Research interests:
The Nauli lab is interested in studying the Primary cilia, which has been established as a mechanosensory and chemosensory organelle. Once thought to be defunct relic from primitive evolutionary ancestors, increasing studies have proven the importance of functional primary cilia for sensory functions, cellular homeostasis, tissue development and morphogenesis. The term “Ciliopathies” has been used to collectively identify disorders and diseases related to dysfunctional and/or malformed cilia. By studying the underlying mechanism of primary cilia we aim to strategize approaches for “Ciliotherapies”, i.e. to rescue the function of compromised cilia.

Currently, I use cell lines with dysfunctional or absent cilia for in vitro studies. The aim is to screen pharmacological agents that might be potential candidates for ciliotherapy. We also plan to conduct in vivo studies in the future.

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