Bandr Alotaibi

Master student in pharmaceutical sciences, Dr Nauli’s lab

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My areas of focus will be in Nephropharmacology, clinical pharmacology, neuroscience, Pharmacotherapy, and toxicology. I plan to expound on my knowledge of drugs and their clinical application.


– Graduation Project:

Using Antihypertensive Agents in elderly patients and compare their effects.


– Master’s Research project:

Bactericidal/Bacteriostatic effects of different antibiotics on E.Coli Bacteria with different strains.


– Efficient knowledge about the variety of diseases and drugs classifications, Excellent feedback on drugs use and safety.
– licensed pharmacist by SCHS
– 1 month in King Fahad Medical City and then, I have got – a scholarship from SACM to further my Graduate studies.
– The undergraduate degree was financed by SACM.
– 2012-2013: Pharmaceutical Company as Manager.
– 2007 to 2009: licensed pharmacy Technician: Head of Technician staffs.
– Detect prescribers errors , patients counseling – Managed stocks and drugs supplies.


– Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from
Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (Second Class Honors) GPA 3.3 of 4.0 .
-Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences from
International Academic for Health Sciences


– 30 Credited hour / attended dermatology and cosmetics Conference in Jeddah
– Basic Life Support (BLS) – CPR – American Heart Association – Saudi – Commission For Health Specialities Certification.
– Saudi Accreditation for Health specialist.
– Diploma Certification in Academic English language ,
– English Language Institutes, Berkeley .California.
– 1 year English course , from English school Institute. Berkeley.California.
– 9 months English course, Wall street English School, Riyadh.Saudi Arabia.


– King Saud Medical City Hospital – Al-Amal Hospital for Mental Health – Ministry of Health General Hospital- King Saud Medical City General Hospital


– Other skills:
Computers Skills – Bioinformatics with intermediate level of proficiency –Prescriptions entry system in outpatient, inpatient, and ER pharmacy.