Nov 2022:The Elshahawi Lab received an R03 grant from the NIAID at the NIH:

Feb 2022: A note of congratulations to Dr. Mupparapu, Lauren and Katrina for their hard work published in Chem. Eur. J. “Late-Stage Chemoenzymatic Installation of Hydroxy-Bearing Allyl Moiety on the Indole Ring of Tryptophan-Containing Peptides” at

Dec 2021: Congratulations¬†Elshahawi Lab and collaborators for the TerBC story published at ACS Chemical Biology “Structure and Function of a Dual Reductase-Dehydratase Enzyme System Involved in p-Terphenyl Biosynthesis”.

Aug 2021: Diem Nguyen joined the Elshahawi Lab as a PhD student. Welcome to the lab Diem!

June 2021: The Elshahawi Lab received the Faculty Impact fund, Congratulations all!

June 2021: Cindy Lin graduated with a PharmD degree and started her residency. Congratulations Dr. Lin!

Nov 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Mupparapu, (Dr. to be) Lin and Dr. Kim for their interesting daptomycin story Great job all!

Nov 2019: Zhengfeiyue (Chelsea) Pan presented at the Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) and won the best poster award in Life Sciences. Well done Chelsea!

Aug 2019: Ahmed Aoun graduated with a Master’s degree. Good luck Ahmed in your future endeavors!

May 2019: The Elshahawi lab received the Faculty Opportunity Fund, Congratulations all!

May 2019: Tae Ho Kim graduated with a PharmD degree. Congratulations Dr. Kim!

May 2019: Congratulations Ahmed Aoun for receiving the best MSPS poster presentation award at CUSP Annual Research Day

Jan 2019: The Elshahawi Lab was awarded the new investigator award (NIA) from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). Congratulations everyone!


Contact us: Chapman University School of Pharmacy, Rinker Health & Science Campus, 9401 Jeronimo Rd, Irvine, CA 92618