Principle Investigator


Dr. Jerry LaRue

Dr. LaRue [2891943]B.A. in Chemistry at Willamette University
Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of California at Santa Barbara
Postdoctoral Studies at Stanford University / SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
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Current Members


Thang Nguyen

Major: Chemistry
Favorites: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, craftings…
Interesting nickname: An energetic Chemist
Summary of the project: Raman Spectroscopy relies on the interaction between an inelastically scattered laser photons with the molecular vibration, on the surface of an metal catalyst. The quality of the metal surface plays an important role in generating good Raman spectroscopy results. My project focuses on the preparation of well defined gold surface, using the techniques of electrochemistry.


Amy Lam

Major: Physics
Minor: Chemistry
Favorites: Doughnuts, Cool Ranch Doritos, Mushroom and lentil soup with a splash of dishwater
Project: My current project deals with selective chemistry via transition metals on gold nanoparticles. Gold nanoparticles exhibit strong plasmon resonances, oscillations in the electron bath. These oscillations generate high energy electrons that can be used to do excited state chemistry. Aside from working with the gold nanoparticles, I also help maintain the optics in the lab for Raman Spectroscopy and occasionally do some CAD stuff, such as designing sample holders and chamber supports.


Conner Carnahan

Major: Philosophy, Physics…


Devon Ball

Major: Physics


Riley Kendall

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Computational Sciences
Pre-med student interested in the field of neurology. Member of the Cat Lab and volunteer elementary school tutor at The Friendly Center. Outside of academics, involved in Younglife and Intervarsity at Chapman University. Loves camping, classical music, Harry Potter, surfactants, jeeps and Jon Bellion. Excited to work with LASERS!



Bryn Merrill

Major: Chemistry

Minor: History

Castle and science enthusiast! Loves animals, reading, and nice people. Ready to take an electric field sledgehammer to some unsuspecting molecules.




Justin Nako

Major: Biochemistry


Brian Hartman

Major: Biochemistry


Jake Katzenberg

Major: Computer Science


Eric Osuch

Major: Biochemistry


Abby Bechtel

Major: Physics


Gary Zeri

Major: Computer Science


Davis Mau

Major: Biochemistry


High School Volunteers


Lisa Tang


Xander Xu



Honorary Members


Kess Marks

Ph.D. Student, Stockholm University


Former Members


Alyssa Hardy

Major: Chemistry


Jason Groegler

Major: Biochemistry


Joeli Reim

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Nutrition





Darren Contreras

Major: Chemistry & Spanish






Will Parker

Major: Physics


 Aaron Grisez

Major: Physics






Aaron Goodman

Major: Chemistry & Physics

Minor: Political Science





Taylor Krause

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Environmental Science