Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Principle Investigator

Dr. Jerry LaRue

Dr. LaRueB.A. in Chemistry at Willamette University

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of California at Santa Barbara

Postdoctoral Studies at Stanford University / SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Bingjie Zhang

Ph.D. in Chemistry at Stony Brook University

About: Bingjie focuses on design, synthesis, characterization and application of transitional metal-based materials and carbon materials, including metals, transitional metal oxides, nitrides and graphite. She study the materials as catalysts, as well as electrodes in energy storage devices.

Chapman Students

Kevin Alvarado

Major: Chemistry

Abby Bechtel

Major: Physics

About: Abby is working on a project looking at directional asymmetry within an interferometer to enhance current optical metrology techniques.

Brandon Camp

Major: Physics

Chelsey Cortes


Stephanie Hoang


Nousha Karimi


Jessie Le

Major: Chemistry

Quy Le


Davis Mau

Major: Biochemistry

David Nguyen


Salvatore Portera

Major: Physics

About: I am interested in the world around us and how it all works. I wish to acquire as much knowledge and skill as I can through my physics undergraduate studies. I currently work in Chapman’s Physics Outreach where we will be conducting demonstrations for the new generation of Physicists. In Catlab Research, I am working with a team of Optical Meteorologists in order to create an inexpensive Interferometer. Once I am done, I will continue to search for more experiences and opportunities to expand reality in a way that would allow me to better understand it.

Jackson Ramler


Kacie Sakamaki

Major: Biology

Andrea Sandoval


Ishaan Shah

Major: Chemistry

About: A chemistry major researching how photoexcitation can enhance the property of chemical selectivity of metal nanoparticles.

Jason Yoon

Major: Biology

About: I am a freshman biology major helping to create a vacuum chamber to test and study metal catalysts and what exactly happens during certain reactions. It’s pretty neat!

Gary Zeri

Major: Computer Science

About: Computer Science student interested in computational simulations. Current CatLab project involves designing and implementing pedagogical Computational Chemistry programs to illustrate how to perform such calculations as well as to demonstrate the underlying chemical principles of said simulations.

Aviv Zohman

Major: Software Engineering

About: I am synthesizing graphene – a revolutionary nanomaterial – using top-down and bottom-up techniques.

Non-Chapman Students

Camille Duong-Zamora

Major: Biotech

About: A Biotechnology student participating in the development of instrument control and data acquisition through LabView.

Lidia Malina


Gloria Martinez

Major: Chemical Engineering

Matt Rangel