Meet the Team

Principle Investigator

Dr. Jerry LaRue

Dr. LaRueB.A. in Chemistry at Willamette University

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of California at Santa Barbara

Postdoctoral Studies at Stanford University / SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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Chapman Students

Andy Brinkis

Major: Chemistry

Evan Figueroa

Major: Biological Sciences

About: An aspiring forensic scientist, achieved remarkable success in methanol decomposition, photochemistry, gold, nickel, & ruthenium synthesis and UHV chamber research under the guidance of Dr. LaRue since his freshman year.

Toby Grant Valdez

Major: Biochemistry

Stephanie Hoang

Major: Biochemistry

Dhivya Manickam

Major: Chemistry

About: Chemistry student researching Photochemistry and Atmospheric Chemistry using Analytical instruments and techniques. Focus is the catalytic efficiency of various core-shell nanoparticles in CO reactions.

Carolina Martinez

Major: Biological Sciences

David Nguyen

Major: Biological Sciences

Ishaan Shah

Major: Chemistry

About: A chemistry major researching how photoexcitation can enhance the property of chemical selectivity of metal nanoparticles.

Lauren Villegas

Major: Chemistry

About: Chemistry student studying the fundamental physics of chemical reactions via surface catalysis, with a particular focus on the decomposition of methanol on Platinum surfaces.

Serena Wamba Fosso

Major: Physics

Non-Chapman Students

Sarah Lelea

School: Cal State Long Beach

Major: Physics

About: Studying the fundamental principles of methanol decomposition in an UHV chamber by creating programs to run experiments.

High-School Students

Noah Kim

School: Canyon High School