Ciao, Professoressa! Un saluto da Francesca Paduano

Cari studenti e colleghi,

As some of you may know, I am relocating with my family to Europe next month and therefore will not be returning to our amazing university next year.

These past ten years at Chapman have been one of the best times. You have a lot to do with it!! My wonderful colleagues/friends, and students have become my extended family. My colleagues are teachers at heart who made me stronger by believing in me. Together we made it through the madness of the pandemic, never giving up on the program.  It was a privilege to work with you, ragazzi!

Today, as I prepare to leave, I go knowing to have left a mark in my students’ education, little or big that it may be, but certainly so much more than any grade can represent. The heartfelt words I received in the last few days are clear proof of this to me. I know that you will continue to do amazing things on the Italian Studies path we shared and beyond. I know you’ll make every Serata and cultural/social event a fantastic experience for your classmates! You will continue to inspire them with your passion, enthusiasm, and skills because your commitment is special. Allora… knowing this… I will clap for you, with my big smile on, every step of the way!

Francesca 🌻”

Italian Studies faculty and advanced students celebrating Dr. Paduano’s contribution to the program earlier this month.

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