Join Us at Design and Culture: An Italian Perspective!

The Italian Studies Program at Chapman University is presenting Design & Culture: An Italian Perspective, which will be held in person at the Musco Center for the Arts at 1 University Drive, Orange, California, on Saturday, April 23 at 10:30 am.

This year’s event will include plenary lectures and an innovation panel focusing on different intersections between Italian culture, arts, sustainability, and design. Presentations will reveal the interlaced development of the historical genesis and significance of iconic Italian objects and brands and explore Italian industrial and fashion culture. The event promises to be a journey through the beauty and complexity of Italy’s intellectual and aesthetic import, celebrating the innovative genius behind the pursuit of style, yesterday and today.

This event will be the sixth edition of the Italian Perspective series, following Business and Culture (2016), Music and Culture (2017), Cinema and Culture (2018), Science and Culture (2019), and Food and Culture (2021). Once again, the presentation strives to be intellectually and aesthetically stimulating to both an academic and non-academic audience. The event is part of a broader vision to position the study of Italian culture as a productive and innovative interface with other academic disciplines and today’s industry.

Tickets are in support of Italian language and culture undergraduate education. For details and tickets visit:

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