Leading Italian Cinema Scholarship

Chapman’s Italian Studies program continues to be associated with innovative scholarship in Italian film culture thanks to the research activity of Dr. Pacchioni. This fall he was active in presenting his research at local, regional and national levels.

Dr. Pacchioni was invited to deliver the 2021 Michele Serra Lecture in Italian Cinema at Florida Atlantic University, where film students and Italian Studies students utilize the textbook that he co-authored with Peter Bondanella, A History of Italian Cinema (Bloomsbury Press 2017). The lecture was well received and opened a new area of research intersecting the fields of Creative Studies and Italian Film History, a direction that Dr. Pacchioni intends to pursue in future publications.

At the annual conference of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association in Las Vegas, Dr. Pacchioni chaired the annual panel on Italian Cinema, bringing established and up-and-coming scholars from Italy and the US to the West Coast to discuss recent disciplinary developments.

Florida Atlantic University Poster

Within the walls of Chapman University, the topic of Italian film enters the discourse within and without the Italian Studies curriculum, such as in the course Italian American Cinema, joining Italian Studies and Dodge’s Film Studies and in the Freshman Foundation Program, where Dr. Pacchioni was invited to deliver a presentation on the connection between Antonio Gramsci and Pier Paolo Pasolini by President Daniele Struppa and Marco Panza. Furthermore, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s cinema will also be at the center of the talk that Dr. Pacchioni has been invited to deliver at the upcoming symposium organized by The George L. Graziadio Center for Italian Studies at California State University, Long Beach.

And lastly, Dr. Pacchioni was recently interviewed by acclaimed scholar Frank Burke about the work of the screenwriter and poet Tonino Guerra, especially regarding his work on the films of Federico Fellini, for the the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies. The full conversation will be published in early 2022.

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