The annual appointment with the Italian Perspective is coming up!

Musco Center for the Arts, WIlkinson College, and the Italian Studies Program Present:

Food and Culture: An Italian Perspective
VIRTUAL EVENT – Ticket Complimentary, to register click here:
Saturday, May 1, 2021 | 11:00 a.m. PDT

“Today, at least in the more prosperous countries where variety is available to the masses, the label ‘Italian food’ is a means of marking one’s identity within an increasingly global and technological context in connection with ideas of quality, tradition, genuineness, nature, and community. The very notion of Italian food, now more than ever, entails a stance by which the creation of a new culture is at stake, no matter how apparently traditional it might seem. One of the aims of today’s event is that of understanding Italian cultural roots more lucidly by discovering how they make us what we are today.” Federico Pacchioni, Sebastian P., and Marybelle Musco, chair of Italian Studies

“Italy is a tapestry, and its history is what makes it one of the most fascinating places in the world. Its spectacular cuisine is only an expression of this tapestry, one that—while sprouting from culture—does not require a degree in classical letters to be appreciated. I hope today you will enjoy a new way to read the evolution of Italian culture through its most exquisite aspect.” Daniele Struppa, president of Chapman University 

Program Lineup
Opening Remarks:
Dr. Federico Pacchioni, Sebastian P., and Marybelle Musco, chair in Italian Studies;
Silvia Chiave, consul general of Italy in Los Angeles

“The Soul of Italian Food,”
a conversation between Daniele Struppa, Chapman University president, and Chef Sir Bruno Serato, owner of Anaheim White House Restaurant and founder of Caterina’s Club

“America, Italy’s Twenty-First Region: Italian Cuisine from Los Angeles to La Spezia,” a talk by Dr. Zachary Nowak, college fellow at Harvard University

“Poetry and Meat: Tuscan Traditions,”
a conversation with Dario Cecchini, traditional butcher from Panzano, Italy, featured in the Netflix series Chef’s Table

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