Students Receive Outstanding Italian Studies Awards

Every spring the Department of World Languages and Cultures selects outstanding graduating minors in each language. The award stands for consistency and quality of academic achievements, intellectual curiosity, engagement in the Italian experience as well as contribution to the university’s Italian Studies community. The Italian Studies faculty is delighted to announce that this year the recipients of the award are Avery Cardosi and Sophia Vidali.

A few words from Sophia: “I am honored to be receiving the Italian Studies Minor Award and am grateful to all my professors and friends that I have met in the Italian Studies Program. I have always wanted to connect with the Italian side of my heritage so studying Italian has been very personal for me. I am thankful that I chose a university like Chapman University where I could fully explore and enhance my Italian skills as well as my cultural knowledge due to the amazing program we have here. Never did I think I would find such a tight knit community where we can all celebrate our Italian heritage here in America. Since I am also a music major with the emphasis in vocal performance, my Italian classes have really helped me find a deeper understanding to all the arias I sing as well as all the Operas I study for my Music History courses. Taking classes like Songs of Italy, Italian Theater as well as studying literary masterpieces by Dante and Petrarca have all made me a well rounded student and performer. My goal is to live and perform in Italy were Opera was invented, therefore I plan to pursue a masters degree in vocal performance and continue studying Italian. As soon as the opportunity arises, I hope to participate in music summer study abroad programs in Italy and apply what I have learned as a music major and Italian Studies minor. I have had the most memorable experience at Chapman University because of the Italian Program, and I know I will never forget what I have learned for the rest of my life.”

A few words from Avery: “I decided to take Italian as my language requirement when I came to Chapman so I could continue the tradition of Italian speaking in my family. I assumed that my encounter with Italian would end after three language classes, but what I could not have expected was how much the Italian department would shape my experience at Chapman. My incredible instructors encouraged me to pursue further study in Italian, and my decision to do so resulted in some of my most memorable experiences in college. From studying abroad in Sicily and Rome, to exploring the world of Fellini’s cinema and deepening my understanding of Italian immigration policy within my classes, to becoming the president of the Italian club for my sophomore and junior year, pursuing a minor in Italian studies has not only expanded my knowledge of the Italian language, but the Italian culture and community as well. I hope to continue my Italian studies post-undergrad at law school by studying international law, and by connecting with my family in Italy once possible. I am incredibly honored to be a recipient of this award, and could not have done so without the help and patience of my peers, and my wonderful instructors and advisors Dr. Pacchioni, Dr. Paduano, and Professor Booker.”

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