A Morning at the Crossroad of Science and Culture: the 4th Annual Italian Perspective

Keeping true to the commitment of exploring the multifaceted and precious significance of the history, culture and art of Italy across various fields of knowledge and application, this year’s Italian Perspective opened the lesser known yet truly unique and relevant window of the relationship between science and culture.

The event was introduced by the Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles, Silvia Chiave, the Director of the Italian Institute of Culture of Los Angeles, Valeria Rumori, and the President of the Italian American Scientists and Scholars in North American Foundation, Vito Campese.

The program included four fascinating keynote presentations by scholars based in the United States as well as from Italy: Dr. Kevin Petti, Dr. Carlo Vecce, Dr. Giovanni Sambin and Chapman’s own President Daniele Struppa. Talks addressed intersections between the domains of art and society and specific areas of science such as early anatomic learning, Da Vinci’s intellectual training, the history of the notion of infinity, the influence of geometrical advancements on the rendering of perspective in the visual arts.

The speakers’ ability to condense decades of specialized research and true interdisciplinary thinking into intriguing and accessible presentations indeed conveyed powerfully and concretely the ancient and yet ever pioneering wisdom inherent in the bridging of scientific and artistic pursuits.

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