A Transregional Culinary Laboratorio with the Bairds

Last week, Joe Baird, the Executive Chair of the Italian Studies Council, and his spouse Linda opened their home and kitchen to Dr. Paduano’s class ITAL 340 History and Culture of Food in Italy for an afternoon of regional cooking. Students organized into teams to prepare Sicilian caponata, Romagnol passatelli, Abruzzi’s pizzelle (offerred by Vicky Carabini), Neapolitan pizza, and Milanese risotto. In addition to gaining a concrete appreciation for Italian culinary regional differences, students learned just how good dishes made of simple ingredients can be, and how Italy’s “cucina povera” utilizes ingredients to create interconnected and tasty recipes while reducing food waste. For an afternoon, everyone was transported to Italy by the magic of cooking and eating good food together.

Grazie a Joe, Linda e Vicky da parte di tutti gli studenti.


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