Blending creativity and scholarship in Italian Studies: A glimpse into our advanced fall courses

The fall semester has come to a close. We are grateful to the students for all of the energy that they have put into their classes. In the upper-level class “Short Narrative in Italian Culture: Oral Tradition, Literature and Cinema” students explored the role of storytelling in Italian culture and learned to use the language to analyze a variety of texts. In the photo below students are sharing and discussing versions of stories that they have composed in Italian inspired by famous ancient and modern novellas by writers such as Giovanni Boccaccio, Giambattista Basile, Luigi Pirandello, and Italo Calvino.


In another class, students of Italian and graduate and undergraduate students from Film Studies came together to collaboratively tackle the fascinating connection between popular Hollywood film genres and Italian-American stereotypes such as the Latin lover, the prizefighter, and the gangster, and explore new perspectives and creative possibilities. Below is an example of one of the video essays produced by students of “Italian American Cinema”.

(“Sculpting the Gangster” by Nour Oubeid, Film Production B.F.A and Italian Studies minor).


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