Julia BoehmJulia Boehm is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Chapman University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. Dr. Boehm’s research examines whether positive psychological characteristics such as optimism are associated with improved cardiovascular health. She is also interested in the behavioral and biological processes that are relevant for cardiovascular health. Dr. Boehm has received grants from the National Institute on Aging and the American Heart Association to investigate these topics. Her work has been featured in many news outlets including the New York Times and Washington Post.



Bijou Allard is currently a sophomore majoring in psychology and intended neuroscience minor. Following graduation from Chapman University, Bijou plans on getting a doctoral degree in psychology to become a cognitive behavioral therapist. When she is not studying at a coffee shop you can find her hiking, cooking, or reading a good book.





Jolie BinstockJolie Binstock is currently a senior at Chapman University. She is majoring in health science and minoring in psychology. Jolie’s goal is to obtain a doctorate in physical therapy. She is interested in health and sports, with both gymnastics and music as her long time hobbies.





HannahHannah Fereday is currently a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in law, justice, and social control. Following graduation from Chapman University, Hannah plans on getting a doctoral degree in psychology to become a cognitive behavioral therapist. When she is not on campus or focusing on school you can find her at Disneyland!





NataliaNatalia Miranda is currently a psychology major with a minor in chemistry at Chapman University. She plans on either pursuing a doctoral degree in cognitive behavioral therapy or a medical degree in psychiatry. When Natalia is not focusing on her studies, she loves going to the beach, spending time with family and friends, and listening to music.





TanshiTanshi Mohan is a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in economics at Chapman University. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or counseling. She runs a food blog on Instagram and is an avid Google Local Guide in her free time.





KimiKimi Uenaka is a senior applied human physiology major and psychology minor. She plans on pursuing a career in optometry after graduating from Chapman. When she isn’t getting overly excited about a dog she just saw, she likes to do color guard, go on boba runs, and listen to good music.





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