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Writing for Video Games grade breakdown

Grade Breakdown

Grades will be calculated using the 4.0 system for each category, and then weighted based on the chart below to determine an overall average for the final course grade. Each grade point represents the minimum threshold for that letter grade. For example, if you average a 3.5, you would end up with a B+, since the 3.7 of an A- was not achieved.

  • Attend all class sessions. Please note that, according to the university catalog, Chapman University “recommends as a minimal policy that students who are absent 20 percent of the course should be failed” (i.e., more than 3 meetings).
  • The student is responsible for all administrative procedures: adds, drops, withdrawals, etc.
  • In order to achieve a specific letter grade, all requirements within that category must be met (see Appendix for the general evaluation rubric).


Grade Breakdown English 328
Area of  Evaluation Percent
The Game Project 50%
RPG Module 30%
Productive Team Member 20%
Total 100%


A    4.0     93-100% (exceptional)

A-  3.7     90-92%

B+ 3.3     87-88%

B    3.0     83-86% (very good)

B-  2.7     80-82%

C+ 2.3     77-79%

C    2.0     73-76% (satisfactory)

C-  1.7     70-72%

D+ 1.3     67-69% (unsatisfactory)

D   1.0     63-66%

D-  0.7     60-62% (minimum passing)

F    0.0     0-59% (failing)