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University Policies and Procedures

Chapman University Academic Integrity Policy:

“Chapman University is a community of scholars that emphasizes the mutual responsibility of all members to seek knowledge honestly and in good faith.  Students are responsible for doing their own work and academic dishonesty of any kind will be subject to sanction by the instructor/administrator and referral to the university Academic Integrity Committee, which may impose additional sanctions including expulsion.  Please see the full description of Chapman University’s policy on Academic Integrity at

If you are caught at any time plagiarizing an assignment, I will determine the severity of the situation, and will inform you of the consequences. You may be given a warning, you may receive an F on an assignment, or you may receive an F in the course. Anything beyond a warning will result in a referral to the Academic Integrity Committee.

Chapman University’s Students with Disabilities Policy

“In compliance with ADA guidelines, students who have any condition, either permanent or temporary, that might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office.  If you will need to utilize your approved accommodations in this class, please follow the proper notification procedure for informing your professor(s). This notification process must occur more than a week before any accommodation can be utilized. Please contact Disability Services at (714) 516–4520 or visit if you have questions regarding this procedure or for information or to make an appointment to discuss and/or request potential accommodations based on documentation of your disability. Once formal approval of your need for an accommodation has been granted, you are encouraged to talk with your professor(s) about your accommodation options.  The granting of any accommodation will not be retroactive and cannot jeopardize the academic standards or integrity of the course.”

Chapman University’s Equity and Diversity Policy

“Chapman University is committed to ensuring equality and valuing diversity. Students and professors are reminded to show respect at all times as outlined in Chapman’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy.  Please see the full description of this policy at  Any violations of this policy should be discussed with the professor, the dean of students and/or otherwise reported in accordance with this policy.”

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Department of English Chapman University

December 2016

For at least half a century now, English as an academic discipline has been at the forefront of scholarly work and pedagogy in feminist theory, critical race studies, ecocriticism, queer theory, disability studies, working-class studies, postcolonial theory, multiculturalism, linguistic diversity, and student agency. The English Department at Chapman University works in all these areas and endorses Chapman’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We pledge to vigorously support all our students; to welcome all students into our classrooms irrespective of immigration status; to contest racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, imperialism, anti-Semitism, and anti-environmentalism; and to resist deportations.

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