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Posthuman Rhetorics Course Calendar

During the semester, it may be necessary to modify certain aspects of the course calendar. Any modifications will result in the electronic distribution of the new version of the syllabus or course calendar.

Course Calendar 446_500_S19-1jibn7x



Discussion Leaders

Reading and Homework Due

Grad Reading

Unit 1: Defining the Post/Humanist Problem
1 T 29-Jan
Th 31-Jan Harraway “A Cyborg Manifesto” 5-16; 52-68
Davies “Encounters with the Posthuman”
2 T 5-Feb Hayles How We Became Human prologue and “Toward Embodied Virtuality” xi-24 Descartes “Discourse on Method” 1-44
Th 7-Feb Bogost “Rhetoric” 15-28
3 T 12-Feb Savanah Janssen Badmington “Theorizing  Posthumanism” Foucault “What is Enlightenment?” 32-50
Th 14-Feb Ally Freed Eclipse Phase: After the Fall
4 T 19-Feb Adina Corke Hallenbeck “Toward a Posthuman Perspective: Feminist Rhetorical Methodologies and Everyday Practice” 9-27 Butler “Bodies that Matter” 3-27
Th 21-Feb Karen Cruz Eclipse Phase: After the Fall
5 T 26-Feb Daniel Strasberger Boyle “Rhetorical Ecologies of Posthuman Practice” 27-59 Edbauer “Unframing Models of Public Distribution: From Rhetorical Situation to Rhetorical Ecologies” 5-24
Th 28-Feb Jon Small Eclipse Phase: After the Fall
Unit 2: Grappling with the Post/Human Condition
6 T 5-Mar Duncan Capriotti Pepperell “Being, Language, and Thought” 77-100 Heidegger “The Way to Language” 393-426
Th 7-Mar Kendyl Rich
due: Proposal
Chiang “Story of Your Life”
7 T 12-Mar Alexa Burnstine Hughes “Being Happier” 43-52 Foucault “The Birth of the Asylum” 141-167
Th 14-Mar Isa Basche Maniac eps 1-2
8 T 19-Mar
Th 21-Mar
9 T 26-Mar Tonika Reed
Jodi Payne
Baudrillard “The Ecstasy of Communication”
Maniac eps 3-6
Derrida “The Ends of Man” 31-57
Th 28-Mar No Class – AWP
10 T 2-Apr Connor Guetersloh Graham “Gods and monsters” 221-235 Heidegger “The Question Concerning Technology” 3-35
Th 4-Apr Lauren Louie Maniac eps 7-8
11 T 9-Apr Marco Randazzo Pepperell “The Posthuman Conception of Consciousness” Dogen “Philoaophical View” 91-136
Th 11-Apr Edena Khoshaba Maniac eps 9-10
Unit 3: Beyond Human Practice
12 T 16-Apr Andrew Beckner
Richard Maloy
Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (film) Deleuze and Guattari “Introduction Rhizome” 3-25
Th 18-Apr No Class
due: Annotated Bibliography
13 T 23-Apr Ann Nguyen Braidotti “Post-Anthroprocentrism: Life beyond the species” 55-104 Spinoza “The Nature and Origina of the Mind” 115-152
Th 25-Apr Abbi Eli
14 T 30-Apr Candice Yacono Wolfe “Animal Studies, Disability Studies, and Who Comes after the Subject” 127-142 Derrida “Violence Against Animals”
Th 2-May Summer Runion
15 T 7-May Jake Vanwormer
Lana Sarkisian
Rickert “Ambient Rhetoric” Heidegger “Building, Dwelling, Thinking” 343-364
Th 9-May due: rough draft
16 T 15-May Final Exam: 10:45-1:15 pm due: Final Project


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