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Foundations of Rhetorical Studies calendar

WEEK DATES Topic Reading Due
Unit One: What is Rhetoric?
1 T 27-Aug Defining Rhetoric
Th 29-Aug Borchers and Hundley Chapter One
2 T 3-Sep Defining Rhetoric Sedgwick “Axiomatic” pgs. 1-8
Th 5-Sep The Rhetorical Situation Butler “Explanation and Exoneration” pgs 177-188
Unit Two: The “Rhetorical Tradition” and Beyond
3 T 10-Sep Classical Rhetoric Borchers and Hundley Chapter Two; exertps from Aristotle’s Rhetoric
Th 12-Sep Rhetorical Ontology Barnett and Boyles “Rhetorical Ontology, or How to Do Things with Things” pgs 1-16
4 T 17-Sep Medieval Rhetoric Borchers and Hundley Chapter Three;
Th 19-Sep Style and Delivery Porter “Recovering Deilvery for Digital Rhetoric”
5 T 24-Sep Epistemology and Reason Borchers and Hundley Chapters Four and Six
Th 26-Sep Rhetorical Ecologies Edbauer “Unframing Models of Public Distribution: From Rhetorical Situation to Rhetorical Ecologies”
6 T 1-Oct Dramatism Borchers and Hundley Chapter Seven: Burke “Terministic Screens”
Th 3-Oct Rhetorical Vision Bates “Terministic Screens of Corruption”
7 T 8-Oct Feminist and Queer Rhetorics Borchers and Hundley Chapter Eight;
Th 10-Oct Assemblage Rhetorics Palmeri and Rylander “Intersecting Realities: Queer Assemblage as Rhetorical Methodology”
Su Due: Rhetorical Analysis
8 T 15-Oct Ideology Borchers and Hundley Chapter Ten;
F 18-Oct Event: John Carlos Attend John Carlos Event, Fri Oct. 18 7-9p
Unit Three: Re/Framing Rhetoric
9 T 22-Oct Alternative Rhetorical Theories Borchers and Hundley Chapter Nine
Th 24-Oct Anzaldua “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”
10 T 29-Oct Cultural Rhetoric Borchers and Hundley Chapter Eleven
Th 31-Oct Lee “Ideographic Criticism”
11 T 5-Nov Assemblage Rhetorics Nicotra “Assemblage Rhetorics: Creating New Frameworks for Rhetorical Action”
Th 7-Nov Hallenbeck “Objects, Material Commonplaces, and the Invention of the ‘New Woman'”
Su 10-Nov Due: Article Review
12 T 12-Nov Border Rhetorics
F 15-Nov La Frontera Conference Attend one panel or talk
13 T 19-Nov Postmodern Rhetorics Borchers and Hundely Chapter Twelve
Th 21-Nov
14 T 26-Nov Thanksgiving
Th 28-Nov Break
15 T 3-Dec Workshop
Th 5-Dec Workshop
Su 8-Dec due: Ideographic Project
16 T 10-Dec Final Exam 8:30-10:30a due: Final Reflection