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Course Calendar Rhetorical Criticism

WEEK DATES Topic Reading Due
1 T 28-Aug Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism
Th 30-Aug Rhetorical Criticism as Art Kuypers “Rhetorical Criticism as Art” 13-28
2 T 4-Sep Rhetorical Realities Edbauer “From Rhetorical Situation to Rhetorical Ecologies” 5-24;
Th 6-Sep Burke “Terministic Screens” 44-50; Berlin “Social-Epistemic Rhetoric” 488-490
3 T 11-Sep Rhetorical Criticism as Moral Action Klumpp and Hollihan “Rhetorical Criticism as Moral Action” 94-105
Th 13-Sep Ramos “Building a Culture of Solidarity”
4 T 18-Sep Narrative Criticism Rowland “The Narrative Perspective” 117-142
Th 20-Sep
Su 23-Sep Due: Blog Post 1
5 T 25-Sep Dramatism King “Pentadic Criticism” 165-179
Th 27-Sep
Su 30-Sep Due: Blog Post 2
6 T 2-Oct Fantasy-Theme Bormann “Fantasy and Rhetorical Vision” 396-407
Th 4-Oct Duffy “Web of Hate” 291-312
Su 7-Oct Due: Blog Post 3
7 T 9-Oct Ideological Criticism Hart and Doughton “Ideological Criticism”
Th 11-Oct workshop article review
Su 14-Oct Due: Article Review
8 T 16-Oct Marxism Ollman “What is Marxism?”; Williams “Base and Superstructure” 75-82
Th 18-Oct Williams “Determination and Productive Forces” 83-94; “Hegemony” 108-114
9 T 23-Oct Marxism Lee “Ideographic Criticism” 285-319
Th 25-Oct
Su 28-Oct Due: Blog Post 4
10 T 30-Oct Feminism Nudd and Whalen “Feminist Analysis” 257-284
Th 1-Nov Dolmage and Lewiecki-Wilson: “Reconfiguring Rhetorica”
11 T 6-Nov Queer Rhetoric Alexander and Rhodes “Queer Rhetoric”
Th 8-Nov Barnard “Rhetorical Common Sense and Child Molester Panic” 3-25
Su 11-Nov Due: Blog Post 5
12 T 13-Nov Rhetorical Criticism in Action Calafell “Rhetorics of Possibility” 104-117
Th 15-Nov Due: Final Criticism Proposal
13 T 20-Nov Thanksgiving Break
Th 22-Nov
14 T 27-Nov Rhetorical Criticism in Action tba
Th 29-Nov
15 T 4-Dec Rhetorical Criticism in Action tba
Th 6-Dec
16 W 12-Dec Presentations 8:00-10:30am
Due: Final Criticism 11:59pm