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Course Calendar Language and Ideology



Unit One: Language and the Construction of Reality
1 T 28-Aug Introduction
Th 30-Aug Plato “Allegory of the Cave”
2 T 4-Sep Saussure “General Principles” 65-78; Lippi-Green “The Linguistic Facts of Life” 5-26
Th 6-Sep Bring examples within research focus
3 T 11-Sep Barthes “Myth Today”; Kleinman “Why Sexist Language Matters” 299-304
Th 13-Sep Bring examples of a “myth” within research focus
4 T 18-Sep Chiang “Story of Your Life”;
Th 20-Sep Rutherford “A Place Called Home”
5 T 25-Sep Tompkins 739-747; Derrida “Differance”
Th 27-Sep Peer Revision Workshop
Su 30-Sep Project 1 due at 11:59 pm
Unit Two: The Power of Discourse
6 T 2-Oct Bordeau “The Production and Reproduction of Legitimate Language”
Th 4-Oct Bring examples within research focus
7 T 9-Oct Bakhtin “Language as Dialogic Interaction” 48-61
Th 11-Oct Bring examples within research focus
8 T 16-Oct Burke “Terministic Screens” 44-62
Th 18-Oct Bring examples within research focus
9 T 23-Oct Foucault “Panopticism” 206-213
Th 25-Oct Irigaray “The Power of Discourse and the Subordination of the Feminine” 68-85
10 T 30-Oct Bordo “The Body and the Reproduction of Femininity” 165-184
Th 1-Nov Bring examples within research focus
Unit Three: Ideology and Reality
11 T 6-Nov Deleuze and Guatarri
Th 8-Nov Peer Revision Workshop
Su 11-Nov Project 2 due at 11:59 pm
12 T 13-Nov Baudrillard “The Precession of Simulacra” 1-7; 12-15; 19-32
Th 15-Nov Bring examples within research focus
13 T 20-Nov Thanksgiving Break
Th 22-Nov
14 T 27-Nov Black Panther – film
Th 29-Nov hooks “Black Self-Determination” 165-171
15 T 4-Dec Braidotti “The Posthuman Challenge” 37-54
Th 6-Dec Workshop
16 M 10-Dec Project 3 due 1:15pm