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Posted by on October 10, 2010

So I go on and on about how the blogs that you create now as freshman could lead to many great things: help you focus your academic goals, decide on a major, or work towards starting that small internet business. And you probably secretly roll your eyes and think, “Great, here he goes again.”

Well, check this out.

One of my former students, Zac Campbell, now a sophomore, has just launched, an internet business that facilitates the buying and selling of class notes. Now I can’t take credit for “inspiring” Zac to become a Web 2.0 entrepreneur; he has always been on the cutting edge of technology, creating a successful blog in high school. But he should inspire you to take your blogs seriously and use them as a way to further your growth as scholars, entrepreneurs, and balanced adults.

You also might notice how effectively he uses the rhetorical techniques we’ve discussed in class. He certainly knows his audience, and everything from the design of his site to the language in his FAQs appeals to his audiences needs, experiences, and values.

Part of being successful in an endeavor is networking, and this is the key concept of Zac’s new business. It’s a real world example of the theoretical discussions we’ve been having about the creation of online communities.

Check out his site, check out his blog, and start thinking about how you can shape your own blog to work towards your future goals.

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