Chapter 15 Artifacts

Color & Fast Food

Color Psychology in Food Marketing – AWG Sales Services

Color plays a big role in advertising as certain colors can evoke different emotions and behaviors. What I found interesting is how most fast food have the colors red and yellow in their logos on their signs. These colors are associated with what makes people hungry. The color red is associated with emotion and passion. Therefore, when someone sees red they may become “passionately hungry. “

The color red can be associated with a sense of urgency and eyes are sensitive to the color red and are able to notice it much faster than other colors. As Gobé (2019) explains, “Colors with long wavelengths are arousing (e.g., red is the most stimulating color that will attract the eye faster than any other) and colors with short wavelengths are soothing (e.g., blue, which actually lowers blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rates). For example, if you are driving on the freeway and see a sign for “In-N-Out” your eyes are able to notice it rather quickly because of the colors in the logo.


Embedded Images & Baskin Robbins

10+ Hidden Symbols In Famous Logos - Baskin-Robbins | Guff

Embedded images are buried or hidden within an advertisement. Researchers are unable to substantiate any claims about hidden images persuading people to want to buy what is being advertised (Gable, Wilkens, & Harris, 1987).

In the Basking Robbins logo, there is the number 31 in the B & R which I think is a clever way to advertise because Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors. This can also be seen as a subliminal influence which is a message that is processed without conscious awareness. Trappey (1996) concluded in his analysis “the results show now significant positive or negative effect… subliminal advertising does little to influence consumer behavior.” Personally, when I first looked at the Baskin Robbins logo I did not see the 31 embedded in the image until I looked more carefully, this would require someone to have high Central Processing (Chapter 2) to really look at the image closely and put in mental effort.


Musical Fit & Sunday Night Football

Sony lyrics persuade, they do so though the central route to persuasion, which the song lyrics are thought about and reflected by listeners (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986). Music can also persuade through the peripheral route to persuasion which occurs when listeners hear, but don’t actively attend to the music.The congruity of a song with a brand is known as musical fit and it affects consumers’ perceptions of a product or service (North, Sheridan, & Areni, 2016).

This is an example of the song played by Carrie Underwood on every Sunday night during football season and it is easily recognizable to many. Even at the very beginning of the song, I know exactly what it is and I associate it with football. The audience of this song is football fans and people that regularly watch Sunday Night football. Brand endorsements appear with mention of the Steelers and the name of one of the announcers. According to the textbook, brand endorsements appear regularly in song lyrics (Gloor, 2014). One study found that 30 percent of all songs, and 73 percent of rap songs included brand mentions ( Craig, Flynn, & Holody, 2017).


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