Unethical Persuasion Artifact

Juul Unethical Advertisement

I think this advertisement by Juul is clearly appealing to a youth audience, age 16-20 years old which is unethical to make kids and teenagers think this product is safe to use.

Juul says their goal is to “save the lives of billions of smokers,” says Dr. Robert Jackler from Stanford University who studies tobacco advertising. However, looking at their marketing campaigns it does not look like the company’s behavior is aligned with that goal. Juul ads are usually portraying attractive, young models showing behavior, such as dancing and wearing teenager clothing styles.

Others models strike playful poses and smile in bright lipstick. The campaign also ran in a full-page spread in Vice magazine in 2015, a publication that has marketed itself as the “#1 youth media company.” This ad features a model with a long, high ponytail, styled like a teen pop star.

Juul even used names for their flavors, such as “Cool Mint,” “Creme Brûlée,” and “Cool Cucumber” to appeal to younger audiences.

I think the main motivation for deception Juul is using is lying to benefit others. Early on in Juuls campaign they did not advertise that this device was safer than cigarettes. Now, they have said that to attract more people even when the FDA announced that it was not true.

source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathleenchaykowski/2018/11/16/the-disturbing-focus-of-juuls-early-marketing-campaigns/#3c45147114f9

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