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Chapter 3: Branding


The point of branding is to create a distinctive product image that is linked to favorable qualities. When you think of Red Bull, consumers think of descriptors like, hyper, speed, extreme, and dangerous in relation to the energy drink. Red Bull’s saying “Red Bull Gives You Wings” is targeting audience is anyone that plays sports because it is  they sponsor “extreme” sports such as mountain biking and racing. Because of their branding, the drink “goes with” the sport (Gass & Seiter, p.63).

source: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/

Chapter 4: Goodwill

McCroskey and Teven (1999) suggest that goodwill is synonymous with perceived caring. That is, a source who seems to care about and take a genuine interest in the receiver is displaying goodwill.

This advertisement by BMW represents goodwill because it is displaying empathy. It is identifying with another persons feelings, especially with the image of the fake leg showing what can happen in a car accident that involves alcohol. The target audience is anyone that drives a car and wants them to be aware of the dangerous accidents that can take place, especially when a driver is intoxicated.


Chapter 4: Image Restoration

On occasion, corporations, institutions, and government agencies commit blunders that damage their credibility. William Benoit (1995) refers to this process as image restoration.

Volkswagen’s credibility took a hit when it admitted that 11 million of its diesel engine cars were fitted with software designed to defeat emissions tests. VW ran a series of ads apologizing to customers and promising to make things right.



Chapter 4: Credibility

O’Keefe (2002) defines credibility as “judgements made by a perceiver concerning the believability of a communicator.” Jennifer Anniston is beautiful, all American looking women actress with a million fans whom all admire her. She has been popular for many years and never had a bad reputation. She is known for never aging and having amazing skin.  It was really smart for Aveeno started many years ago and continues to do is use Jennifer Anniston for lotion Ad.  The makers of the Aveeno Ad used the rhetoric appeal of ethos with the use of the actress Jennifer Anniston it for sure strengthens the ad credibility. This is establish when Jennifer/ Aveeno Ad maker presents herself as the all American girl, someone whom is very relatable. She presents herself in a very lay back and casual manner which leads to the audience to view her as still as popular actress but they start to connect with her.

There are many women who aspire to look like her and envy her perfect skin which is why Aveeno did really well with the use of ethos and establishing credibility.

source: http://ljeanes.pbworks.com/w/page/104568652/Ethos%20Ad

Chapter 3: Psychological Consistency

The concept of brand loyalty offers a useful illustration of Psychological Consistency (Festinger, 1957; Heider, 1958; Osgoog & Tannenbaum, 1955). Advertisers want us to experience psychological discomfort if we change brands. By instilling brand loyalty, advertisers hope to discourage product switching. People want to be consistent, consistency was originally conceived of as a “drive-reduction” theory. More current thinking suggests that consistency is also socially motivated and is as much an attempt to manage face and project a favorable self-image and internal drive (Gass & Seiter, 2018 p. 66).

This slogan by Mercedes is designed to show brand loyalty on the part of the consumer and feelings of psychological consistency if consumers deceive their usual brands.

This advertisement could also appeal to self-monitoring, in particular high self monitors. High self monitors are easily persuaded by an image and want to fit in. People may think they will have a better image because they drive a Mercedes (Gass & Seiter, 2018 p. 114).


Chapter 3: The Reasoned Action Approach (RAA)

This persuasive ad campaign illustrates the Reasoned Action Approach (Fishbein & Ajzen, 2010). Take anti-smoking advertisements in the US, for instance, where campaigns often provide reasoned arguments or messages focusing on what other people think about smoking (social norms) or on individual attitudes toward smoking (personal attitudes). Health communication research has demonstrated that health messages that challenge people’s perception of social norms are effective in changing behavior and in building people’s confidence to stop smoking. The Reasoned Action Approach views intention as the best predictor of behavior. A person’s intention to perform a behavior is the best indicator, however the intentions do not always correspond with the behavior (Gass & Seiter, 2018 p. 60).

source: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-05-anti-smoking-campaigns-persuasive.html

WWII Propaganda Poster

Rosie the Riveter

This poster qualifies as propaganda because it involves persuasion where Rosie is persuading other young American women to join the war effort. I think this poster uses glittering and band wagon propaganda as she became the symbol of women in the workforce during WWII. The image of a strong, confident, courageous woman shows this is a collective effort for everyone to join in. Rosie the Riveter was the star of a campaign aimed at recruiting female workers for defense industries during WWII. Many women would likely be hesitant about taking on a manual-labor position, but Rosie the Riveter helped to instill confidence with her flexed muscles, stern look, and simple statement. 

source: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/04/the-many-faces-of-rosie-the-riveter/391364/

Chapter 1 Artifact

Persuasive Message

An Introduction to Persuasive Advertising vs. Informative Advertising

I think this advertisement that shows the difference in Bud Light and Miller Light beers is persuasive. The target audience is anyone who drinks alcohol, specifically beer and may not realize the nutrition facts of beer. The use of logos, which is logic reasoning to show the calorie count and carb numbers is effective (Gass & Seiter, p.312). This advertisement really shows that Miller Lite can be better for your health because of the lower calories and carbs. If the advertisement did not have the numbers, I don’t think it would be as effective.

source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/persuasive-advertising