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Engineering Therapy to assist Toe-Walkers

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Toe walking is a style of walking in which a child walks on the balls of his/her feet without heels touching the ground. ┬áIn our lab, we are designing an intervention technique that promotes plantar extension in children. In the… Continue Reading →

Fall Risk Assessment in the Elderly using GRAIL-based Sensory Perturbation

Harbir Bhatti presents his research involving Gait Real-Time Analysis Interactive Lab (GRAIL) and fall risk assessment in elderly people. Using sensory perturbations and gait parameters analysis, Harbir creates a model assessing fall risk.

Building a Platform for the GRAIL

Chris Hoang is a whiz at constructing things. He built this removable platform for our GRAIL system for an upcoming study (more on this soon). When designing the platform, Chris had to consider the multiple factors from material properties to… Continue Reading →

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