Graduate Research Assistants:


Christopher Hoang is a research assistant at Chapman University at the department of physical therapy. He graduated from Chapman with a B.S. in Biological Sciences in 2017.  He is completing his Masters in Computational and Data Sciences at Chapman University in 2021 while applying concepts of data science to gait rehab research. He enjoys the biomechanics of his field and the application of interdisciplinary skills in research. Skills such as automechanics, material fabrication (wood, acrylic, fiberglass), programming and data analysis (Java, MatLab) have been useful for research. Chris’s latest projects include working with toe walking children, stroke survivors,  and Parkinson’s patients. He mentors and coordinates students interested in their respective biomechanics research.


Michael Shiraishi is a research assistant at Chapman University with the department of physical therapy. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2019. Michael has been an important asset in writing code for the Grail system (D-Flow) in Lua. Additionally, he is a team member in the toe -walking project, where he has worked on writing code, data collection and analysis. Additionally, he has participated in the development of a video game to assist with toe-walking rehabilitation. Michael’s interests include artificial intelligence (AI), biomechanics, robotics and medical devices. Some of the key skills – he brings to the team are: Programming (MATLAB), 3D design (Autodesk Fusion 360 and Solidworks), and experience in 3D printing. He appreciates the opportunity to learn more about biomechanics and assist in a variety of projects.


Kenna Dougherty is a research assistant at Chapman University. She is currently enrolled in Chapman’s Pre Health Post Baccalaureate Program. Kenna graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2016. She is interested in mind-body medicine and how to improve the quality of life for others. Besides learning about the latest research in medicine, Kenna also enjoys going to hot yoga and running in half marathons. 




Henry Do is a research associate at Chapman and adjunct lecturer at SCIT. He graduated from UC Berkeley with his BA in Integrative Human Biology in 2013 and from UC Merced with his MS in Biological Engineering and Small Scale Technologies in 2016. He enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of this field and loves teaching himself new skills: game design (Unity3D), PCB design (EagleCAD), 3D Modelling (Maya, TinkerCAD, Zbrush, Unity Probuilder, Autodesk 360 Fusion), programming (MatLab, Arduino IDE), and 3D Printing.




Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Hello! My name is Shannon Toy. I am a third-year Health Science Major on the Pre-Medicine track, and Nutrition minor, at Chapman University. Sports has always been a part of my life and gradually attracted me to the orthopedic and sports medicine aspect of the health care field. With a special interest in human anatomy and physiology, I became a Research Assistant under Dr. Rahul Soangra, in the Department of Physical Therapy at Rinker Health Science Campus, to study the relationship between muscle fatigue, motor neurons, and gait patterns. Outside of school, I love spontaneous adventures, like hiking, beach and Disneyland trips.


Tiffany Lubrino is a sophomore Health Science major, Pre-Medicine emphasis from Chapman University. She is a research assistant for the Fatigue study research in Dr. Rahul Soangra’s lab. She enjoys learning about how the body functions in muscle performance, and getting to know every patient.  Tiffany has learned many new programs for data collection such as D-flow and Vicon, and using the biodex and GRAIL equipment. She is interning at Hoag Hospital Woodbridge as a shadow for family practice and urgent care, and is a certified pharmacy technician for Walmart pharmacy. During her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, singing, musical theatre, and hanging out with family and friends. 


Hello, my name is Armond Gray and I am from San Francisco, California. I am a third-year Kinesiology major and Spanish minor at Chapman University, a member of Chapman’s Black Student Union and I am also a team captain on Chapman’s Track and Field team. For as long as I can remember, I have played sports which has led me to take interest in sports medicine. As a result, I am now considering Physical Therapy school or a graduate degree in Biomechanics/Kinesiology once I complete my undergraduate degree. My attraction to Kinesiology has also granted me the opportunity to be a research assistant with Dr. Raul Songra in the Department of Physical Therapy to study the effects of muscle fatigue in connection to motor neurons. On the other hand, during my free time I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, listening to music, and working out.


Nate Addonizio is a research intern at Chapman University. He is currently a senior enrolled in Chapman’s Undergraduate Health Sciences program. Outside of the lab he works as a supplemental instructor for the Human Physiology course under Dr. Frank Frisch. Nate is interested in improving the quality of life for others through research and education. He hopes to continue his academic career by pursing a PhD in a biomedical field.


Lexi Nehls is a junior Biological Sciences major and nutrition minor on the pre-med track at Chapman University. She is an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Soangra’s Toe Walking lab. Lexi is especially interested in anatomy and physiology and has a passion for people. Besides being involved in undergraduate research, she is a Resident Advisor at Chapman University and is very involved in her community. In her free time, Lexi is into health and fitness and enjoying nature, so you can either find her at the gym or at the beach enjoying the sun.


Hello everyone! My name is C.J. De Leon and I am a fourth-year Health Science Major and Psychology minor at Chapman University. Outside of the Gait Rehab Lab, I currently work as a Physical Therapy Aide at Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy in Orange, CA and I also work as a Student Assistant for Dean Hill’s Office of Crean College. I became interested in Dr. Soangra’s research lab because I wanted to learn how muscle fatigue affects our bodily functions and how we can use the data to improve treatment towards patients. During my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, going to music festivals, and hanging out with friends and family.



Samuel Chan is a summer research intern for the Gait Rehabilitation Research Lab at Chapman University. As a senior in high school, Samuel balances his workload of swimming and coaching a summer league program, being a volunteer at Mission hospital, and conducting research as an intern. Through the internship, Samuel learned to combine human physiology/anatomy with technology in the form of research; he developed new skills such as data processing motion capture and forceplate signals, learning basic coding skills, and working with human subjects.



Nihar Nanjappa is a summer research intern for the Gait Rehabilitation Research Lab at Chapman University. Being a senior in high school, Nihar has to manage many activities such as tennis, Admissions Ambassadors, Math Madness, and research. From his experience in the internship, Nihar learned about the interdisciplinary relationship between computer science and human movement; he developed newfound skills in processing motion capture and inertial data. Nihar brings experience in robotics, CAD 3D modeling (Autodesk Inventor and Fusion), and his desire to apply these skills in a lab. Outside of the lab, Nihar enjoys playing and watching basketball and reading.

Norah Nyangau is a summer research intern for the Gait Rehabilitation Research Lab at Chapman University. Norah is currently an undergraduate studying biomedical engineering at Cal State Long Beach, as well as a BUILD Scholar. Interning at the lab allows Norah to learn more about her research interests, which include human biomechanics, rehabilitation, and prosthetic limbs. Norah has also learned to bridge the gap between the technical information she has learned in university and the practical application of that knowledge in the GRAIL, which has been extremely beneficial for her. Although Norah learns a lot from working in the lab, she enjoys spending her free time outdoors by running, hiking and camping.

McKyla Beuttler is a summer engineering research intern for the Gait Rehabilitation Lab at Chapman University. Currently, she is a junior attending Arizona State University in the undergrad Electrical Engineering program, expected graduation in 2021. During her summer internship in the Grail Lab, McKyla focused on coding the Grail system (D-Flow) in Lua and developing a video game for the rehabilitation of toe walkers. Consequently McKyla learned a new coding language and how to analyze data not only in Matlab, but in present time through the D-flow program. Overall, McKyla greatly enjoyed her experience in the Grail Lab, which catered to her interests in movement sciences, developing new products, and coding. Outside the lab, McKyla enjoys eating ice cream at the beach, lifeguarding, and throwing pottery.

She is a Grand Challenge Scholar as well as a New American University Dean’s Award and Golden State Award recipient.