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Toe Walking

Limits of Stability, Dynamic Balance, and Gait Parameters Pre/Post Intervention of Idiopathic Toe Walking Children

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From Fall 2019 to Spring 2020, undergraduate student researchers, Nate Addonizio and Lexi Nehls, assisted with the Idiopathic Toe-Walking in children project. They had hands-on experience of assisting both the clinical team (Dr. Marybeth Grant-Beuttler and DPTs) and engineering team… Continue Reading →

Crean College Research Night 2019

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Thank you to all at the Crean College Research Night for the great time! It was wonderful to meet and greet everyone who is passionate about science. Tonight was the first time Christopher Hoang and Michael Shiraishi unveiled their project… Continue Reading →

Engineering Therapy to assist Toe-Walkers

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Toe walking is a style of walking in which a child walks on the balls of his/her feet without heels touching the ground. ┬áIn our lab, we are designing an intervention technique that promotes plantar extension in children. In the… Continue Reading →

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