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Bed Sore Sensors: PCBs and Enclosures

I spent the week 3D printing these enclosures for the bed sensor electronics and LCD display. Sleeping in one position too long causes bedsores due to extended applied pressure on local vasculature. We hope this device can be developed to… Continue Reading →

Device for the Improvement of Neuronal Feedback: Sub-Threshold Tactors

This is a quick instructional video our research associate, Henry Do, made to help doctor of physical therapy (DPT) students learn about the device they’ll be using for data collection for their capstone studies. Good luck you guys!

Micro Logger V1.0 (ICM-20948)

Introduction The Micro Logger is a small wearable sensor that logs gyro and acceleration data directly to an SD card. This first design was kept very simple and the footprint was minimized down as much as possible. Going forward, there… Continue Reading →

Ardunio and Scons

The Arduino IDE is a really good starting environment but I was looking for something a bit more flexible. Atmel studio is built for AVR chips but the environment obscures a lot of the process and adding an Ardunio library… Continue Reading →

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