Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) grant is a research initiative by the National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded to 10 universities across the United States. This initiative aims to attract undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds and train them in intensive research to prepare them for direct transfer into doctoral programs. NIH’s goal is to increase the pool of students with diverse thought and experiences into the biomedical research field by implementing close mentorships and in-depth research skills training.

Norah Nyangau is a Biomedical Engineering student and BUILD Scholar at California State University, Long Beach. She is mentored by Dr. Vennila Krishnan, an associate professor in the Physical Therapy Department. In addition to doing research, BUILD curriculum requires her to take scientific communication and research methods courses along with attending colloquiums and professional conferences throughout the school year. This is Norah’s second year as a BUILD Research Trainee in which she aims to sharpen her research skills and prepare to apply for a PhD program. To gain more research experience she will be working with Dr. Rahul Soangra during the summer to research methods of analyzing postural sway and balance in stroke patients.