This year we have 5 interns joining us: Norah Nyangau, Samuel Chan, Nihar Nanjappa, Michael Shiraishi, Mckyla Grant-Beuttler. They bring various skills and interests to the lab. For example, Norah enjoys connecting with others and working in teams, Samuel brings his desire to conduct human research in biomechanics as a Pre-Med, Nihar brings his experience in 3D design/modeling and C+ programming, Michael brings his programming ability in MatLab and LUA as a graduate in mechanical engineering, and Mckyla brings her programming skills and background in electrical engineering to the lab.

Chris Hoang served as a mentor and supervisor for our summer interns, dedicating numerous hours in order to teach them about the GRAIL system and data processing with motion capture. He was invaluable in preparing the interns for the rigorous but rewarding summer ahead.

Nihar and Sam assisted Dr. Soangra and Chris with data collection and processing of 3D motion capture data, force-plate data, and inertial sensor; they worked with Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students in conducting their summer research on the effect of asymmetrical loads and visual impact on gait patterns.

Toe Walking

Mckyla, Mikey, and Nihar worked in the GRAIL and created a game using Motek virtual reality to distinguish between toe-walks and heel strikes in a toe-walking population. They used force-plate data to identify center of pressure, as well as compare the relative location of the center of pressure during the single-leg stances of toe-walkers and heel-strikers (control).