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August 2019

DPT Students – Stimuli that Affect Gait Parameters

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For these experiments, a biomechanics class of 20 DPT students volunteered to conduct their own tests on multiple factors that affect gait parameters such as stride length and sway. Dividing themselves into 3 groups of 10, the students used 3… Continue Reading →

BUILD Fellowship – Norah Nyangau

Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) grant is a research initiative by the National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded to 10 universities across the United States. This initiative aims to attract undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds and train them in… Continue Reading →

Welcome to our Summer 2019 Interns!

Team: This year we have 5 interns joining us: Norah Nyangau, Samuel Chan, Nihar Nanjappa, Michael Shiraishi, Mckyla Grant-Beuttler. They bring various skills and interests to the lab. For example, Norah enjoys connecting with others and working in teams, Samuel… Continue Reading →

Engineering Therapy to assist Toe-Walkers

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Toe walking is a style of walking in which a child walks on the balls of his/her feet without heels touching the ground. ┬áIn our lab, we are designing an intervention technique that promotes plantar extension in children. In the… Continue Reading →

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