Chris Hoang is a whiz at constructing things. He built this removable platform for our GRAIL system for an upcoming study (more on this soon).

When designing the platform, Chris had to consider the multiple factors from material properties to ease of use so that the platform is strong enough to support heavy weights but maneuverable so that one person can place/remove it from the GRAIL treadmill. A chair can be fastened to the platform which is then secured to the treadmill using C-clamps, resisting any translation in the x-y axis. The platform can also hold at least 500 lbs of weight near the center line (this was tested by having 3 people stand along the center line) with minimal flex.

In these studies, Chris is collecting data from the forceplates in the treadmill’s belts, motion capture markers, and inertial sensors. The platform allows us to isolate any weight on the forceplates to the patient’s feet.

Fall risk assessment in Stroke patients