Simin Rahighi

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Office: (714) 516-5442       






Sean Tang

Lab Technician

My research interests focuses around structural biology studying how structure and functions of biomolecules are related. In the Rahighi Lab, I explore the unique roles Ubiquitin plays in various cellular functions. To this endeavor, I have learned and utilized a plethora of structural and biochemical techniques, as well as incorporating cell biology and microbiology to aid these studies. These techniques include various chromatography, surface plasmon resonance, crystallography, peptide synthesis, and mammalian and bacterial cell culture.




Ali Khosrovani  

Doctor of Pharmacy Program  

Class of 2021







Wooin Chung

Doctor of Pharmacy Program,   Class of 2022

I joined the lab because I have learned many biological features theoretically in the school, but I felt that I need to learn and apply my knowledge in research. Also, biochemistry is a fundamental element for development and understanding the mechanism of action of drugs, so I found the lab experience very helpful for me. I am currently learning many techniques in the lab and the goal of my research is developing peptide phage-display libraries.




Jamie Sisson

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Class of 2022


Sanaz Nabavi

Research Intern










Sammy Nasser

M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Class of 2019






Nicole Nguyen

Doctor of Pharmacy program  

Class of 2020       






Ben Cho

Doctor of Pharmacy program 

Class of 2020     





Other members

Vincent Duong Doctor of Pharmacy Program,  Class of 2021

Yasaman Javadzadeh Doctor of Pharmacy Program,  Class of 2021

Negin Khosrovani Doctor of Pharmacy Program,  Class of 2020

Roza Nia Doctor of Pharmacy Program,  Class of 2020

Samaan Habibi Doctor of Pharmacy Program,  Class of 2021