Welcome to the course site for MOOCs as Phenomenon!

This is the course site for MOOCs as Phenomenon, Honors 372, offered Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-5:15pm, during spring 2014.

This should be an exciting course. We’ll learn about the forces that have shaped and continue to shape higher ed in America (including our alma mater!) and how recent technological innovations in the form of massive open online courses (MOOCs, for short) are causing an earthquake within higher education.

Student coursework will center around creating two real-world resources that will live beyond the course. (No “make work” assignments here!) The two projects are described below:

Project 1: a public website on MOOCs, offering content on:

  1. the history of MOOCs, set within the context of developments in technology, as well as the intellectual, socio-political and economic forces governing academia
  2. a snapshot of the current state of affairs for MOOCs as of spring 2014
  3. a discussion of the relationship between MOOCs and learning theory
  4. best guesses on the likely long-term implications of MOOCs for higher education in the areas of finances, academic labor, and pedagogy

Project 2: all elements for a 3-week online course, packaged in a manner similar to a MOOC, on a topic of the students’ choosing. Students will collaborate on the creation of the syllabus, course schedule and assessments. Students will work individually or in pairs on the creation of the direct instructional content. The student-created “MOOC” will be published on Chapman’s instance of Blackboard for possible re-use in an Honors preceptorial next year.

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