Updates – Peter and Angie in Changchun, China

Changchun China – Peter and Angie with Joy the translator of Life in Schools

Peter and Angie McLaren with Kung Fu Champions – China

Peter McLaren – Reception for “Life in Schools” Wroclaw, Poland

Peter McLaren – Honorary Chair Professor, and Honorary Director, The Center for Critical Pedagogy Research, Northeast Normal University China

Life in Schools – Polish Translation

Life in Schools just translated into Polish in a series that includes works by Nancy Fraser, Martha Nussbaum, Stephen Toulmin, peter Sloterdijk, Simon Critchley,  Gilles Deleuze, Zugmunt Bauman and Ernesto Laclau.

Henry Giroux Visits Chapman University for College of Educational Studies Commencement Speech

Peter McLaren at Indiana University – International Conference on Gender

Volver a Marx Conference in the Salvador Allende Auditorium – Guadalajara, March, 2015