Panelist Profile: Tyler Brooks


Sophmore, Business Administration and Economics

Concentration or Specialization:


Innovative Course(s) Name, Number of Students, and Short Description of the Course

ECON 201: Principles of Macroeconomics, 35 students, utilized LaunchPad from McGrawHill for both custom-tailored  homework assignments as well as interactive quizzes.

ACTG 211: Intro to Managerial Accounting, 30 students, utilized Connect by McGrawHill for interactive and responsive homework assignments.

BUS 216: Business Ethics, 35 students, utilized the Discussion feature in Blackboard to share personal insights  upon material covered in class as well as interact with other classmates through responses.

Type of Technology/Innovation Used in the Classroom

  • Blackboard (Discussions Section)
  • EduBlogs
  • PollEverywhere
  • Wiley Plus
  • Google Suite and Microsoft Office
  • Connect
  • LaunchPad
  • LinkedIn

Opportunities/Challenges Faced with the Technology/Innovation

I think that new technologies in education are revolutionizing how students study for classes with customized homework assignments that focus on your weaknesses, online quizzes and assessments that provide real-time feedback with solutions, and the ability to collaborate remotely with peers on projects to name a few.  I see Chapman classrooms as an excellent place for new technologies to be experimented with to provide the best and most innovative educational opportunities to the student body. I see one of the biggest challenges faced with technology is learning how the software or online platform work from both the teacher and student perspective.  Many of the innovative courses that I listed above had online quizzes and there is a learning curve to understand how to input your answer into the system correctly, so you receive points; although you may have the right answer, the system only accepts the answer in a specific format and at the beginning of the course, you have to learn what that format is.

Response as a Student and Recommendations for Instructors

I believe that the use of new technologies and teaching-aids are a great way to engage students as well as provide various resources because all students have different learning habits and preferences.  Additionally, instructors should expose students to innovative technologies in the fields they are studying so the students not only learn how to use them but are well equipped to use the technologies when they graduate.