Panelist Profile: Morgan Holve


Senior, Mathematics | Civil Engineering | Music

Concentration or Specialization:



Innovative Course(s) Name, Number of Students, and Short Description of the Course

MATH 310 (History of Mathematics)- Dr. Mohammad Alalli (independent study, just me)

PHYS 101 (General Physics I)- Dr. Justin Dressel (~30 students)

CPSC/PHYS/MATH 220 (Scientific Computing)- Dr. Justin Dressel (~20 students)

MATH 390 (Differential Geometry)- Dr. Mihaela Vajiac (~10 students)

Type of Technology/Innovation Used in the Classroom







Opportunities/Challenges Faced with the Technology/Innovation

PollEv – for the shy among us, a change to participate with providing answers to the class without revealing your identity or having to speak in front of a large group.

GitHub – allows for codesharing and collaboration between teammates both in and out of the classroom. Excellent for collaboration.

MyMathLab/WileyPlus – good for quick learning, and allows homework to be done without long grading time for teachers. However, tends to teach students to guess rather than do the problems.

Moodle – allows for easy access to assignments and grades, clearly presents materials covered each week and assignments for specific days.

Response as a Student and Recommendations for Instructors

Technology is great in the classroom, and can lead to many opportunities for a range of students. However, it can also lead to more frustrations and overall a negative experience for students when overused.