Panelist Profile: Mitchell Rosenberg


Senior, Political Science and Television Writing & Production double major

Concentration or Specialization:

Innovative Course(s) Name, Number of Students, and Short Description of the Course

Political Research Design: 25 students; this course teaches students about the research methods behind political areas of interest. This course was taught in one of the collaborative Library classrooms, with televisions at each table.


Separation of Powers and Public Policy: 20 students; although this course used no technology, it was innovative nonetheless. The professor set the classroom up in a circle every day and required every student to engage and participate. It didn’t matter if your answer was wrong, he was just looking for participation and an interest in understanding.


Primetime-The Game of Television: 60 students; this course utilized the Google Suite for weekly submissions of assignments, as well as an ability to view other students’ submissions and vote on our favorites. This established an interactive classroom setting coupled with available technology.


Type of Technology/Innovation Used in the Classroom

Blackboard Learn


Turning Point Clickers

Wiley Plus

Google Suite


Opportunities/Challenges Faced with the Technology/Innovation


Technology in the classroom provides a chance for students whom have grown up in an extremely technological age to feel connected in another way to their classroom and learning environments. Any chance I’ve had thus far as a student to utilize technological platforms has enhanced my interest and engagement in a given topic.

The majority of the technological challenges I’ve faced have been with the Blackboard Learn platform. Although many features do exist on the platform, I believe many of my faculty members have been unfamiliar and/or unable to use them. This can quickly cause confusion and frustration, especially when it comes to the grading platform.


Response as a Student and Recommendations for Instructors


I am excited that Chapman is taking such a strong look at innovation in the classroom. To continue to engage our students, innovation is key. I would encourage all instructors to continue to think outside of the box and find creative ways to engage their students past a typical lecture-style course.