Learning Spaces & Classroom Technology

-Curtis Williams, Frank Warren, & Erik Gomez

Rethinking the classroom

The Epson LightScene projector is a new display that allows you to project images or videos onto different surfaces for showcase purposes. The display is laser projection (lampless) and is 2000 lumens.  Visually, the image is really sharp and even the smallest details can be seen on the photos that are being displayed. On campus there are two currently installed in the recently renovated and state-of-the-art Kennedy Hall Courtroom.
The control system in DeMille Hall 148 was recently upgraded and now gives Faculty more options over how they would like to display content. Previously, an Extron MLC button panel was being used for control but that has been upgraded for an Extron TLP touch screen panel. The room contains one projector and two TV’s.

There are several factors that go into creating an efficient AV touchpanel layout for users. To start, it’s important to take the capabilities of the system you’re working with into consideration when creating a layout. One of the parts that a touchpanel controls is called a switcher. Switchers are the hardware that hold and switch between the various inputs such as PC, Apple TV, Laptop connections, etc. I’ll now use the following scenario as an example: A switcher in a classroom takes about 6-8 seconds to switch to an input from the time it is chosen on the touchpanel to the time it appears on the projector screen.

Reeves Hall, Classrooms 1 & 3 have been recently upgraded and contain various technological resources for both Faculty and Students. One of the main things you’ll notice upon entering the rooms are the way they are set up (both technology and furniture wise). In Room 1, Faculty have the option of giving their lectures from any point in the room, while having multiple stations and furniture allows for easier and more engaging collaboration. Reeves 3 is set up more like a standard classroom (student desks and bookshelves) and is centered around teaching children.