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Engaging Teaching with Technology: Introducing the TEC-VARIETY and R2D2 Models

Introducing the TEC-VARIETY and R2D2 Models PDF presentation

Abstract: Everyone is talking about the need to motivate and engage students. This is true in face-to-face classrooms and is even more true in online environments. Blended learning environments offer clues on just how to engage the learners and move them from bland online content and unimaginative activities to offering flexibility, choice, and creativity. Some learners are bored since they want their instructors to utilize their smartphones, tablets, and other wireless and mobile technologies. Some feel that the instructors have not addressed their preferred learning approaches. They want hands-on activities where they produce something meaningful as well as time to explore the resources that they find the Web.

In response, instructors throughout the world are seeking to integrate technology in effective and creative ways. Not surprisingly, many are turning to the notion of blended learning. One option Professor Bonk will detail for blended and fully online learning is to use the TEC-VARIETY framework. Each letter of the TEC-VARIETY framework stands for a well known motivational principle (e.g., tone, encouragement, curiosity, variety, autonomy, relevance, interactivity, engagement, tension, and yielding products. Fortunately, his “Adding Some TEC-VARIETY” book is free to download in both English and Chinese at:

In addition, he will discuss his model called Read, Reflect, Display, and Do (R2D2) from his book, “Empowering Online Learning: 100 Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying, and Doing.” This model for online and blended learning can address different student learning strategies or preferences. When combined, R2D2 and TEC-VARIETY can enhance, elevate, and even transform the quality of technology-enhanced FTF classrooms as well as blended and fully online  courses to meet diverse learner needs around the planet.

Bonk, C. J., & Khoo, E. (2014). Adding Some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online. and Amazon CreateSpace. Note: Free eBook available at:  Paperback version and Kindle version