Education 20/20 meets Education 4.0: Visions of Our Changing Learning World!

Education 20/20 meets Education 4.0: Visions of Our Changing Learning World PDF presentation

Abstract: The pervasive boredom of rote learning seen in Education 1.0 finally yielded to a more learner-centered age of Education 2.0 a few decades ago. Today instructors are confronted with the possibilities and dilemmas of Education 3.0. But now with climate change, dramatic economic unrest, the rise of robotics, world population shifts, and so on, the innovation age of Education 4.0 is desperately needed. As we head toward the Year 2020, we humans are in the midst of a learning revolution. During the past few years, learning has become increasingly collaborative, global, mobile, modifiable, open, online, blended, massive, visually-based, hands-on, ubiquitous, instantaneous, on-demand, adaptive, and personal. And this is just a start! This is the age of Education 3.0 where learning is more informal, resource rich, and self-directed and where learner creation of products is the new norm, often with the use of digital media.

But wait, many are already hearing the drumbeats of Education 4.0 on the horizon. Can we get there? Fortunately, we are living in an age of educational resource abundance where passion, play, purpose, and freedom to learn take precedence over the more mind-numbing traditional information reception models of learning. The instructors and experts whom we meet and interact with along the way are most effective as curators, counselors, consultants, concierges, and cultivators of our learning. And now such mentors, tutors, experts, colleagues, and instructors can appear instantaneously on a mobile device.

Perhaps that is a sign that Education 4.0 is not far away. Naturally, such new instructor roles require a unique and evolving set of guiding principles. As such, Professor Bonk will detail a set of 20 “last” principles of instruction including the Principle of Flexibility, the Principle of Meaningful Learning, the Principle of Choice and Options, the Principle of Cheerfulness and Optimism, the Principle of Spontaneity, the Principle of High Expectations, the Principle of Nontraditional Learning, etc. Suffice to say, there is immense change around the world today related to new forms of learning typically involving technology.

In fact, there are three megatrends related to learning technology today: (1) technologies for engagement; (2) technologies for pervasive access; and (3) technologies for the personalization and customization of learning. To better understand these new forms of learning delivery, Professor Bonk will discuss these three megatrends as well as his recent research on the personalization of e-learning. Along the way, insights will be offered into how one might teach in this new learning age.

Bonk, C. J. (2016). What is the state of e-learning?: Reflections on 30 ways learning is changing. Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 20(2), 6-20. Available: and


Biography: Curt Bonk is Professor at Indiana University teaching psychology and technology courses and President of CourseShare. Drawing on his background as a corporate controller, CPA, educational psychologist, and instructional technologist, Bonk offers unique insights into the intersection of business, education, psychology, and technology. A well-known authority on emerging technologies for learning, Bonk reflects on his speaking experiences around the world in his popular blog, TravelinEdMan.

Bonk has been honored with a number of awards, including the Most Outstanding Achievement Award from the USDLA, Mildred B. and Charles A. Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education, and the CyberStar Award from the Indiana Information Technology Association. In 2016, he received the AACE Fellowship Award from the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education for his leadership and service to the field.

In November 2017, he was fortunate to be awarded the Online Learning Journal Outstanding Research Achievement Award in Online Education from Online Learning Consortium in Orlando, Florida. He has been listed by Education Next and Education Week as a top contributor to the public debate about education from 2012 through 2017. Bonk is also a prolific speaker and author, having given over 1,500 talks around the world and written more than 300 publications. One of his newest works, Adding Some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online, can be downloaded for free.