Guest Speaker

Does Game Based Learning Really Work by Alf Inge Wang (PDF)

Abstract Title: Does Game-based Learning Really Work?

This talk focuses on game-based learning and presents results from several experiments related to the use of game-based learning. The seminar also includes a demo-session where the participants can experience game-based learning used for teaching.

The following questions will be addressed in the seminar:

  1. How is student engagement affected by use of technology/game technology?
  2. Does game-based learning lose its effect over time?
  3. How does the use of audio and points affect the students’ engagement?
  4. Does it really matter how technology is used in class?

The presentation is based on published papers where both prototypes and commercial game-based learning tools such as Kahoot! has been tested in higher education.

Biography: Alf Inge Wang is a professor in game technology at Dept. of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where he teaches programming, game development, and software architecture. His research interests include game-based learning, exergames, game technology, serious games, software architecture, and software engineering. The research has resulted in over 115 international peer-reviewed publications. Further, Wang is co-inventor/co-founder of the game-based learning platform Kahoot! with 70 million monthly active users across the world. Wang’s work with Kahoot! has resulted in several awards including Norwegian Tech Award 2014.

Wang is also the co-founder of the companies PlayPulse developing high-intensive exergames, and Maenage providing a solution for gamifying house chores. Professor Wang is the technical coordinator and the head of the jury of the EduApp4Syria project, where the goal is to provide high quality literacy game apps to teach Syrian out of school children to read.