Study on the Microplate Immunocapture of Listeria Published

This study was carried out as part of Steven Rogers’ thesis research and involved a collaboration with Food Microbiological Laboratories in Cypress, CA.  Steven studied the use of microplate immunocapture for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in skim milk and soft cheese.  The article was published in the Journal of Microbiological Methods and can be accessed here.

Catfish Mislabeling Study Published in Aquaculture

This study was carried out as part of Shayna Bosko’s thesis project and involved a collaboration with Santiago Canyon College.  In this project, a total of 80 catfish samples were collected from restaurants, grocery stores, and fish markets in Orange County, CA.  The samples were examined for Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) compliance and for species substitution.  The details of the study can be found here: “Species substitution and country of origin mislabeling of catfish products on the U.S. commercial market.

Rowena Zahn Wins First Place in the Three-Minute Thesis Presentation

Rowena ZahnCongratulations to Rowena Zahn (MBA, Food Science ’18) for winning first place in the Three-Minute Thesis Competition!  Zahn is a graduate student in the Food Protection Lab.  The competition was part of the Graduate Research Salon held at Chapman University.  One of 15 competitors, Zahn presented her thesis research, entitled “Optimization of DNA-based methods to identify elasmobranch species in shark cartilage pills.”  Additional information can be found here.



Pictured: Rowena Zahn with Three Minute Thesis judges Tom Piechota, Lisa Sparks and Richard Redding.

DNA Barcoding Article Published in Food Control

Congratulations to thesis student Sophia Pollack for her recent publication in the journal Food Control.  Sophia collaborated with the FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs to evaluate DNA barcoding methodologies for their effectiveness in identifying fish species in cooked products.  Check out the published study here: Evaluation of DNA barcoding methodologies for the identification of fish species in cooked products


Congrats to IFT Research Competition Finalists!

Congratulations to Shayna Bosko and Tara Okuma for their success in the graduate research competition at the Institute of Food Technologists 2017 meeting in Las Vegas, NV!  Shayna received a first-place award in the Aquatic Food Products Division for her research on catfish mislabeling and Tara received a third-place award in the Toxicology & Safety Evaluation Division for her research on mycotoxins in pet food.  Tara and Shayna recently completed thesis projects in the Food Protection Lab as part of the M.S. in Food Science Program at Chapman University.